About Us

We’re in the business as a change enabler.

We do this through transitioning members into body composition testing, integrative health assessments then driving subscriptions to gyms and personal training programs within selected locations nationally.

In addition, we support the Black Dog Institute with their work providing mental health support, assistance and resources. Together with backing mental wellbeing we fully support the strong correlation to exercise by partnering with gyms, and trainers in selected locations nationally.

When working with our partners, mutually we promote the below three-part series providing high-level context as well as detailed instruction on how to get results using the BodyExo380

Get Measured

We deliver a multi-frequency bioimpedance device the BodyExo380 with SquareUp integration to take payments, sell scans and book appointments.

We have tested,checked and validated the member journey down to the microscopic detail. In addition, BodyExo’s precise measurement technology, shows a high correlation with DEXA when monitoring body fat and muscle changes (Lean body mass R2=0.9532)

Get Moving

Our goal is to improve the onboarding experience for clients, and increase conversions to ongoing programs for trainers, we provide a preset integrative health assessment workbook for this platform.

To further support, we have created a free 100 burpee challenge that acts as a trainer, coach and wellness expert to get people moving,measured and seeing results.

In doing this we help gyms and personal trainers to grow revenue, access paid appointments and capture body composition detail in order continue dialogue and drive customer value.

See Results

We deliver a comprehensive results page printed in easy to understand format with measurement comparison to health range, making analysis fast and concise. In addition through scanning the QR code on the display screen results will be instantly saved in your mobile device.


If you’re out of shape knowing your body fat percentage estimate is that extra push to do something about it. Knowing where you are now is simply the first step in your journey.

At the end of a 30 minute appointment with one of our trainers you will walk away with a comprehensive results page

Results are printed in easy to understand format with measurement comparison to health range, making analysis fast and concise.


BodyExo has one major objective: To help you succeed faster as a personal trainer than you could on your own!

We’ll provide you with a snapshot of what your clint’s body looks like on the inside this allows you an them to make better health and fitness decisions regarding their ongoing training.

We’ll walk through how to sell one bio-impedance scan, how to sell the integrative health assessment, how to sell ongoing PT, showing you step-by-step how every element of it works — from the selling to the delivery, to testing on some real members or clients.

Every question will be answered. Every detail covered. It’s important that you really understand how your more client automation plan works, and the psychology behind it. We take all the time necessary so you feel comfortable with the way everything works.


Most Bio-Impedance companies will give you your Bio-impedance scanner and turn you loose. They don’t take into consideration the level of intent and commitment the prospect, member of client has when being measured. The role of the measurement cycle is to heighten intent and knowledge of your gym and as that expands, so do your offerings, and so does your relationships as a whole.

In addition, our trials have shown an increase in full price joining fees and initial assessments, added PT revenue and doubled PT leads.