How to add value to your members and clients...use the Accuniq BC380 and follow these simple instructions 

World's First Multi-Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analysis using AI Technology

  • Tetra-polar electrode method using 8 touch electrodes  
  • Whole body and Segmental measurement (arms, legs, and trunk) measured individually.  
  • Body Composition Analysis (Weight, Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Protein Mass, Mineral Mass, Total Body Water)  
  • Professional and in-depth scan interpretation guide on the back of result sheet 

There has never been a combination like this before

  • Take payments easily at POS with 1 Square Contactless + Chip Reader  
  • Preloaded with your single scan, integrative health assessment, & ongoing rates  
  • Training:How to sell one bio-impedance scan, integrative health assessment and ongoing PT rate  
  • Macronutrient profiling: Prescribe macronutrients based on body type, goal and fat free mass.  
  • Client Results Dashboard:Provide your clients with key measurements to identify risk factors for the early detection of treatable conditions such as cardiovascular disease or monitoring the effectiveness of their physical activity and healthy eating program  
  • Client Results Dashboard: will come pre-loaded with your client’s body composition metrics in a totally non-invasive way, highlighting discreetly the composition changes over time.  
  • Track a measurement - Decide which measurement your client wants to commit to working on.  
  • Set realistic client goals - Make sure your clients goal is attainable within the set period of time  
  • Set a time and date - Create a sense of urgency by setting a time frame by which to reach the goal or to generate a response from follow up

Step 1 - We Work Together To Get All The Information 

Step 2 - We Set Up and Customise Your SquareUp Payment Gateway

Step 3 - Work With You One on One Walking Through Your Strategy

Step 4 - Get The Word Out & Measure More Paying Prospects/Members & Clients

Step 5 - Coaching & Hand Holding To Protect Your (ROI) 

Step 6 - A Turn-Key Follow Up Program That Will Position Your Franchise As The Community Expert

Step 7 - Mastermind Coaching And Brainstorming Calls

Step 8 - Grow Your Recurring Revenue

Calculate what the Accuniq BC380 might be worth to your franchise  


78% of new gym members want to know their percentate of bodyfat


Add value to the joining fee


Run you're own bodyfat testing during fat loss challenges


Offer personal training packs to new members 


Add regular body composition testing to higher tiers of membership


Offer an introductory trial at your gym that includes body composition for intelligent follow up

"The paid bookings and delivery of the scheduled results sheet has never been so simple."

Tahlia Ryder | Manager, Jetts Penshurst

"Our team is super excited to be able to offer clients a measurement experience during onboarding"

Thushaan Sivabalan | Franchisee, Jetts Haymarket

"We use the BodyExo380 to support our Fat Loss Challenges "

Frank Purcell| Franchisee, F45 Newtown

Want to see the Accuniq BC380 in action?