The Accuniq BC380 now integrates with Myzone

For the member that wants to add their body composition to their training zone data, the Accuniq BC380/Myzone integration allows all records to be viewed through one interface.

Jake Wright from Voyage Fitness, said: “body composition captured using the Accuniq BC380 adds an extra layer of data when tracking before and after the progress within the Myzone app!”

To push body composition data into the Myzone app follow the three simple steps below

1.After the body composition scan

2.Tap the QR code

3.Scan the QR code with your Myzone app

In addition to Voyage Fitness, World Gym Penrith has also started using this integration to add value to their members.

For more information on tracking member progress using Accuniq BC380 send an email to our Sales Director