Why BodyExo

BodyExo believes body composition should be standardised, mandatory, simple, accessible, and priced so that it is manageable for at least 12 months.

Why should it be standardised?

The more the scenarios are the same, the more likely the assessment will be accurate, valuable, and relevant. There are many approaches, methods, and models but BodyExo believes the most important claim any method should make is repeatability.

Why should it be mandatory?

Body composition assessment has historically been considered essential by those in the know. Athletes, performance coaches, elite bodybuilders, and even the great Arnold Schwarzenegger cite body composition as critical for highlighting the direction of change. However, the majority of people don’t understand it, have access to it, or find it very expensive. This is despite increasing awareness of the importance of fitness and health amongst the general population.

BodyExo believes everybody, not just professional sportspeople, should have access to their body composition data. Understanding body composition is such a critical element in a weight loss, weight gain, fitness, performance or maintenance journey that we integrate with body composition analysers that are for everybody, regardless of size or goals or budget?. Modern life is busy and complex, and just fitting in time to go for a walk or to the gym is a struggle for many people. Tracking progress is an important and well-known motivator, but it must be simple to do and easy to understand.

Why should it be simple?

Tracking and understanding body composition must be simple to do and easy to understand. While body composition scans are incredibly accurate and take an array of complex measurements, this data is useless if the person to whom it belongs doesn’t understand, or feels they don’t have time to understand, the numbers or their implications.

With the aid of our proprietary software Stretch, BodyExo distils the data from an individual’s scan into clearly defined categories and visual representations. Progress is easy to see at a glance. An individual can adjust what they see as they seek out new areas for improvement and focus on change. From scan to record to deciding on the direction of change, the entire process takes only minutes.

Body composition assessments should not be overwhelming, but milestones in an individual’s health journey. The data should make sense. How else can you use it as motivation to keep going and improving? We strongly believe that simplicity supports your goals.

Why should it be accessible?

In an age of increasing obesity and lifestyle-related disease, it is vital that the general population are encouraged to take responsibility for the health and fitness of themselves and their loved ones. However, many people do not find this easy in the face of the demands and distractions of modern life, even though awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and exercise is increasing. This is even more true with the advent of COVID 19 and the lifestyle changes many have had to make in its wake.

Monitoring and achieving health goals must not be an additional burden for an individual to carry, as such things are easily discarded. A program for personal, positive change should reflect an individual’s goals and needs. Relevant data that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, supports people looking for motivation no matter the time or place. The tools for measurement and change – scan machines at convenient locations , for example – must be readily available and affordable for the average consumer. Only with a completely accessible system of monitoring and management will fitness and health be steadily maintained.

Why should it be reasonably priced?

Understanding your body should not come at an unaffordable cost. We want to inspire you, not overwhelm you. BodyExo believes so strongly in the importance of knowing and understanding body composition that we offer a full scan for free at any one of our locations..

Add scan credits with BodyExo today and once your scan is complete, you will be able to immediately access your body’s unique composition data on your mobile. Take this opportunity to ask all the questions you need about how body composition works, how often you should take an assessment, and how BodyExo’s technology can help you meet your personal health goals.

After your first scan, you can get access to world-class exercise prescription from BodyExo’s partners for all your exercise and nutrition advice, goal setting assistance and motivating challenges for a small monthly fee.


Add scan credits to support your short term goals and long term health now!


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