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BodyExo… combining body composition analysis with data visualisation.

BodyExo provides validated and accurate multi-frequency bioimpedance composition technology and software to deliver subscriptions to gyms, premium programs and enhanced personalisation of the member journey.


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The Accuniq BC380 uses Multi-Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analysis to accurately prescribe body fat percentage, along with body fat and muscle mass. By integrating body composition analysis in the member journey, you deepen your member relationships and drive business growth using one key ingredient: data. In essence, the data captured using the Accuniq BC380 is the foundation of your member relationships and likewise the framework behind your local marketing.

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“Stretch” proprietary software application that can be used on your mobile, tablet or PC. Stretch software will utilise data points which are captured by the Accuniq BC380 which captures body composition data of a Member. The data is outputted as a QR code which will then be read and captured within Stretch which will result in the data being visualised in a dashboard format. Members (own data), Trainers (Members aggregate data), Franchisees (Trainers and Members aggregate data) and Franchisors (Franchisees aggregate data) will be able to track the progress of the Member(s).

Custom Branded Accuniq BC380

Our partners asked to add their own brand and colors to better integrate into their local area marketing, positioning and brand specifications. We agreed, to deliver this advantage. We’ve done it for you. As you can see the Accuniq BC380 was created for you to build your own brand using world first technology.

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The prospect of providing body composition solutions and data visualisation to new partners is of immense interest to BodyExo. Please tell us more about your objectives.

"BodyExo enabled our group to achieve the objective of seeking a body composition solution that drives member engagement, premium income and increases member lifespan"

Sam Issa| F45 Ashfield

"We decided the Accuniq BC380/Stretch combination delivered better reporting insights to all our 8-week challenge partcipants"

Desi and Kalo F45 Parramatta CBD

"The Accuniq BC380/Stretch combination is a key transformation framework that drives member engagement and understanding of underlying motivations"

Joel Tesoriero Manager Jetts Miranda

"There is nothing else like this, being able to to view all my locations through the Stretch dashboard is a gamechanger"

Thushaan Sivabalan Franchisee, Jetts Haymarket

"We have increased conversion rates at the point of sale and delivered personalisation to all members."

Tahlia Ryder Manager, Jetts Penshurst

"At Voyage Fitness, body composition captured using the Accuniq BC380 adds an extra layer of data when tracking before and after progress"

Jake Wright Voyage Fitness